Sunday, October 28, 2012

Drinking Made Healthy.

Ever wanted to loose weight but not give up drinking? I know that drinking is typically a social setting kind of thing and most people in their early twenties to mid thirties are found in the nightlife scene. Drinking was a big thing for me to give up during this challenge since I'm at the age where all my friends want to go out and party on the weekends and of course I did not ever want to be the friend who says no to going out for a bit while on a diet. The trick is to set a number a number for how many nights you are allowing yourself to go out an have few drinks with friends. I decided to choose three nights during my 30 day challenge. I chose three because I had my boyfriend's birthday weekend during this month as well as Halloween, and drinks were allowed on those days only. The other trick is to stay healthy with your drink choices. Mainly you want to stick to clear liquors since they will have the lowest sugars, you also want to avoid any flavored liquors because those tend to be distilled with sugary flavor syrup which is not good while dieting. If you really want flavored liquor start your research and look up the nutrition fact for whichever liquor you desire, if that liquor is not the healthiest choice then pick a different kind. If you want to see results you will really need to commit to little to no alcohol because even if the alcohol you choose has low sugars your body will still convert that alcohol into sugar, that's why people typically are bloated after a night of drinking.

It wasn't until recently where I discovered healthy drink recipes because typically I just stuck with vodka and soda water or tequila and soda water. Those drinks are pretty bland but very low in calories and sugars. One day I stumbled across a Tone It Up post that focused on drinking healthy. Their post includes what you should and shouldn't do while out drinking. They give great tips on how to keep everything healthy and nutritious for your body. The Tone It Up post can be found here, make sure you print their recipe card out and read all of their drinking tips. I enjoy all of their drink recipes and I have concocted a few of my own. I am a big tequila fan, I prefer clear tequila, so margarita's are typically my drink of choice. I also like to have vodka in any of my fruity drinks just because vodka is a lot smoother than tequila in some cases. I have been juicing a lot and I have used some of my juices as the mixers for my vodka drinks, this is a better alternative to store bought juice since you know all the ingredients in your juice.

Margarita Recipe:
1 shot of clear tequila
2 table spoons of lime juice
2 table spoons of agave nectar
A splash of water or soda water to make it less syrupy
Some stevia to taste and garnish with a lime

Vodka Drink Recipe:
1 cup of your juice of choice (I chose homemade pear juice)
1 shot of vodka
*Optional* Garnish with whatever fruit you prefer or muddle up some mint or strawberries and enjoy

Soda Water Recipes:
1 shot of vodka or tequila
1 cup of water or soda water
Garnish with a lemon or a lime

Irish Coffee Recipe:
1 cup of black coffee
1 shot of whiskey (since whiskey is also low in calories)
Unsweetened almond milk to taste and some stevia to taste
*Optional* serve in a martini glass and use coffee beans as the garnish

These were just a few of my favorite healthy drink options. Remember going out to drink is just like going out to eat, if you order what is on the menu it will have a lot of calories but if you know what your doing and order smart you will be able to avoid all those unwanted calories. Most bars already have the healthier options so do not be afraid to ask for these "bizarre" drink choices.


  1. This is brilliant. I do enjoy drinking, but everything is always empty calories and so sugary. This post is so helpful and well done! The link to Tone It Up's post made it even better. Thanks so much! I'm definitely trying out some of these drink recipies for Halloween!

    1. Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the post! I hope your Halloween drinks come out delicious! :)